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Eugeana is the pairing of Eugene Simon and Ana Mulvoy Ten (Euge/ne and Ana/). There have been rumours that the two have been dating, but both have said nothing about it. The two seem close.  Ana once denied that the two are dating,but who knows? Eugene once had his arm around Ana in an Anubis Clevver Tv interveiw and Ana didn't seem to mind or say anything to him to tell him to stop it. Eugene and Ana seem pretty close, Eujade (Eugene and Jade Ramsey) seem to be more popular but it is unknown who is dating who. Eugene and Ana seem to like each other.

Clevver tv interveiwEdit

■Eugene had his arm around Ana

■Ana and Eugene continuesly look at each other

■Eugene chuckled at Anas impression of Jade

■Eugene always asked Ana if what he was saying was true

Ocenup interveiwEdit

■Eugene said his name and then Ana said her name after

■Eugene said his favourite line in the entire second series was when Ana sat on his knee

■Eugene asked Ana what she thought of something

KCA interveiwEdit

■Eugene was standing behind Ana ■Ana agreed that the KCA's was going to be amazing