Ana and austin
Austana (Ana and Aust/in) is the romantic pairing of Ana Mulvoy Ten and Justin Dash. They both are very close friends and appear in many pictures together. They both starred in One Youth cuts: Our Summer daze together and even though in the video Austin kissed Model Ivey Ensley, Some fans argue that it should be Ana and Austin kissing.they are usually shipped because some people think they are a cute couple. They were holding hands in part of the video running together and like in the picture they sometimes stand close to each other.


Our summer DazeEdit

  • Ana and Austin stand upon a hill together (As shown the the picture above ^)
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  • While everybody was running Austin was holding Ana's hand
  • They danced together
  • the camera deliberately turned to Ana and Austin dancing     >

Other thingsEdit

  • If you go on youtube and look at the comments underneath the video you can see lots of Austana comments
  • There is a picture online of Austin and Ana