Amber Millington is a character that Ana Mulvoy Ten portrayed in House of Anubis.

Amber is shown as the "dumb blonde" of the group but what if she knows more than she lets on? She goes to the boarding school and stays at Anubis House. She meets Nina there and they become best friends in no time. She also is the one who comes up with the idea of 'Sibuna' She has known Patricia Williamson since they were 11 years old.

She has shown to have some feelings for the class clown, Alfie Lewis. Amber used to date Mick Cambell, but they broke up after she accidentally forgot about their date one too many times becuase of sibuna meetings. Though she still loves him and was very upset about their breakup. It is revealed that Mick
still loves her, but they don't match and so he would rather be friends. She used to be best friends with Mara but they fought over Mick, who Mara liked. Mara also doesn't think that they should be together, as she says, "They have nothing in common." After she found out that Mara cheated on the French test for M

Amber talking to Nina.

ick, she started a fight with her, but it got broken up very quickly. She is now friends with Mara again, but they're no longer roommates and they aren't as close as they used to be.  She is one of the three founding members of Sibuna, along with Nina and Fabian. In the first season she has no idea that Alfie has a

crush on her, she only thinks that he is being himself. She used to share rooms with Mara, but after she finds her flirting with Mick at their get back together party she switches rooms with Patricia. Nina is now her best friend as they are seen hunting for clues together and sharing a room. Amber even told Nina that Patricia was looking through her stuff, risking getting water dumped over her head. There is a rumor that she may not stay actively involved in Sibuna because she is not shown in the pictures of sibuna.In Season 3, her father pulls her out to go to a fashion school in New York.


  • She is one of the three original founding Sibuna members, with Nina and Fabian.
  • She came up with the name "Sibuna" which is Anubis backwards.
  • She is one of the three Sibuna members seen in the first Season 2 promo, along with Nina and Fabian.
  • At the beginning,Mara was her roommate. During season one, Nina became her roommate and Mara became patricia's.
  • She has a poster saying "KEEP CALM AND BUY SHOES."
  • She is allergic to raspberries. When she eats them, her face bursts out in red spots for around three days.
  • She is a fan of Justin Bieber.
  • She loves Jacob Black from Twilight and has a poster of him in her room.
  • She is a fan of Lady Gaga.
  • She is a true Fabina shipper, and came up with the name.
  • She is a three-year thirteen-and-under Ping Pong County Champion.
  • She says that her father told her she has the voice of an angel when it comes to singing.
  • She is one of three main characters on the show that have never been absent in a full episode, along with Fabian, and Patricia.
  • She likes to make scrapbooks for couples she approves of when they start dating
  • During the summer she attended the New york school of fashion courses